Matsushiro Yaki Cup

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The Asemi Matsushiro-yaki cups combine 400 year old Japanese pottery with a clean and timeless design. Every Artisan cup is a one of a kind piece due to their hand-crafted nature. These beautiful cups are carefully hand crafted by the artisan Tomoki Miyazaki in Matsushiro, south of Nagano City, an area renowned for its pottery tradition dating back to the Edo period. The Matsushiro-yaki cup is characterized by its beautiful dripping glaze featuring shades of different colours, from dark brown to green and white into a rich blue. This effect is accomplished through a particular technique that consists in applying different types of natural coloured glaze. The clay, retrieved from the mountains surrounding Matsushiro, is rich in iron which can be seen in the reddish brown color of the material. The natural glazes are made of a mixture of different ashes and metals such as copper. materials. All objects are handmade in Norway, designed to last through wear and passing trends and made in small batches upon order to ensure low waste. Aoi strives to be a green brand inspired by our blue planet.