Who We Are

Wild Fig is Justin Maule and Nicola Maule and a team of wonderful staff. A catering company based in the west of Scotland committed to sourcing the very best Scottish produce from the land and sea, delivering a high-quality product at events and tables around the country.

Just as a business is a story within the lives of the people who work there, there is a journey made to reach that beginning, enriching its purpose and with a passion that keeps it flowing onwards.

Justin worked as a chef in kitchens large and small since leaving school, punctuated with a love of skateboarding, which saw him travel to competitions throughout Europe and naturally led onto a love of snowboarding  - it’s easier on the knees! Yet cooking was undoubtedly the backdrop to his early life as he travelled around the great restaurants and hotels of the Continent with his father, receiving an early education in fine food. His father, who was himself a chef of reputed standing - Charmain of the Cookery and Food Association, Chairman of Judges for the Salon Culinaire and Craft Guild of Chefs - William Maule naturally passed on his knowledge, skills and techniques in the home that served ultimately as the grounding of Justin’s talents as a chef.

Years later Justin worked in his father’s restaurant from the ground up, further developing his skills before going on to work in some of the best kitchens in Scotland. His training was classic French cooking and he has impressed food critics such as The Herald’s Ron McKenna who described his cooking as ‘excellent’.

Self-development has also been a key element throughout his career – much of what Justin has learned as come from his own investigation and motivation and this continually shows in the exceptional standard of his cooking. Even the humble bowl of porridge was given a rave review by one food blogger, just one course in a recent Wild Fig pop-up brunch event, ‘you have ruined porridge forever because your porridge was so nice, we won’t want it from anywhere else’. Today, Justin continues to work with ingredients that Scotland so richly offers while also consciously embracing the diversity of sourcing globally, allowing national cuisines to influence and inspire in his flavouring.

Interested in working with us? Please email Nicola at info@wildfigfood.com