Our Food Delivery Service

As our small business is feeling the effects of COVID-19 we may have lost all of our event bookings over the coming months however, what we can offer is locally delivered food to your home and work (Glasgow and immediate surrounding areas only). Expertly produced and delicious!


We have a number of menu items that will remain each week and on a Saturday we will list weekly changing dishes. We also have our NEW WINE LIST, bakes and a small number of pantry items on there too.

All chilled items should be stored in the fridge on receipt of delivery and 'use by' is usually the day after delivery. Most but not all will be suitable for home freezing so please check the details noted for each menu item. If freezing is suitable, make sure to freeze on day of purchase and once defrosted eat within 24 hours.

Thanks everyone and remember we have some easy recipes on our website, our Facebook and Instagram page to cook yourself at home. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch.